Friday, March 31, 2017


So, in an earlier post a few days ago, we discussed how so many of the politicos in Austin and Washington count on the voting public to remain ignorantly emotional on subjects instead of understanding the facts. Well, in this second installment we will discuss another group that operates the same way – Lobbyists.

AND they’re really good at it too.

First, they’ll get a group of powerful people with a common cause together, then they use those powerful people to generate the capital to pay their over-inflated budgets and salaries, then they’ll come up with a cute name to make it sound like they are a heartfelt and caring grass-roots organizations, and then they’ll use their alternative facts to sell their client’s case.

One example of this has jumped up at me recently on social-media, and it’s so glaringly obvious how their bad their spin is, AND how obviously uninformed the comments are that they use to support their cause.

I won’t even acknowledge the names of the two lobbyist groups in this particular campaign; however, from what I have been able to ascertain, both are essentially made up of a group of Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and Big Insurance. You know, the same folks who have spent the last 40 to 60 years assisting politicians in running our healthcare system into the ground.

In recent years, people have used Emergency Rooms for things other than emergencies more and more. I’ll spare you with the reasons this shift from visiting your doctor to visiting the ER has occurred over the years, but much of it has to do with government involvement in the healthcare issue.

It’s safe it to say that far too many people visit far too many ER’s for far too few reasons that actually constitute an emergency.

Recently there has been a new form of Emergency Rooms that are called Free-Standing Emergency Rooms. This means that they are not attached to a medical center or hospital, but private facilities that only take patients with private insurance or patients who agree to fully pay for their treatment.

Guess who this has threatened?

You got it…. Big Medicine.


Because suddenly, those with insurance to actually cover emergency services are taking their insurance money to the private ERs and moving away from the traditional Big Medicine ERs that are less-efficient, more time-consuming, and just as costly.

How does this hurt Big Medicine installations?

Because Insurance pays more per dollar than government healthcare plans and they lose out on the bigger paydays.

BUT not to worry, in rides the lobbyist groups to aid Big Medicine by covering their true nature with a respectable sounding name while acting like they are a Grass-Roots organization here to help the little guy. They have used many scenarios “representing” the little guy to attack the Free-Standing ERs, without mentioning them all, let’s just talk about this example I saw this week that was typical of their spin-masters’ work.

In this social-media post, they compared the cost of an ER visit with that of a visit to Urgent Care clinic. Yes, the insurance didn’t cover as much at the ER as it would have at the Urgent Care clinic, but that was because the patient didn’t have an emergency, she had a COLD……A COLD…. That’s what an Urgent Care clinic is for, not an ER!

If the person would have gone to a General Practitioner (Doctor) or an Urgent Care, she would have gotten the care she needed and the Insurance Company would have covered most of the expense. BUT, since she went to an Emergency Room (any ER) for a non-emergency, the insurance company didn’t cover some of the unnecessary costs of the visit.

But this is how these organizations work. Not with real facts designed to educate the public, but by working off most folks’ fears and ignorance of the subject with comparisons that don’t add up according to testimonials that are ridiculous.

They prey on your fear rather than looking at the real cause of the problem.

Here’s the simple fact, if you break a leg, sever a finger, poke your eye with scissors (that’s on me), have a ruptured appendix – you get the idea; then go to the Emergency Room – ANY EMERGENCY ROOM. Your insurance should cover that.

If you have a cold, a hang-nail, a sinus infection (or any non-life threatening infection), a sore knee, tennis elbow, allergies, or any other myriad of common health issues that aren’t likely to kill you in the next 48 hours, then call your doctor to make an appointment or visit an Urgent Care Clinic. Your insurance should cover that, but it probably won’t at the ER – ANY ER!

So rather than start a campaign to educate and benefit the consumer, Big Medicine will spend money on lobbyists to scare a pubic it regards as ignorant, coerce legislators who need your vote, and spin the facts to benefit the pockets of those who really need it…. Big Medicine.


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