Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Now They’re Hoping You Really Are IGNORANT!

Several years ago, I wrote a series of blogs entitled “Counting on You Being Stupid” and it focused on how politicians of both parties, whether in Washington or Austin, counted on voters simply reacting with ignorant emotion and not informed knowledge.

Guess What?

They still are!!

But as I move forward I realize that it has more to do with most people’s ignorance of how government and its’ systems work. AND, while this isn’t a blanket covering all those elected, it does cover many politicians. AND it covers almost all the politicians who would be susceptible to proposed term-limits!

So, with that to consider, let’s look at an example of these items over the next few days. I promise to make these short and to the point. I can expound on the later.

First, School Vouchers. I wrote a blog on this earlier this year and you can find it on this page as well. But understand this, no matter what you think and how it’s all spun, in the end, School Vouchers do not and will not benefit most of those that its champions claim it will.

School Vouchers will not magically raise the level of those who cannot afford a private school to where they can attend the school of their choice, there’s no way for the government to provide that large of a voucher. And the tax breaks that are proposed? Please, what kind of tax incentive can you provide to someone who is receiving a paycheck and still living below the level to benefit from these Tax Break “vouchers?”

School Vouchers will do four things.

First, it will help offset the costs for those already sending their kids to Private School.
Secondly, it will further steal money from the public schools.
Thirdly, it would limit even further the choices for parents with special needs children.
And lastly, it will create a slippery slope to the weight of accountability known in public school circles as mandatory-testing.

That’s it, that’s the whole issue in a nut shell. Yes, they package it as “School Choice,” but it’s not. In the short term, it’s a subsidy program for those who can already afford it. In the long term, it’s the first step towards mandatory-testing and other programs for Private -School and Home-School students that have benefited the public-school students (THAT WAS SARCASM).

This is just ONE Issue. There are so many more.

Tomorrow, and in the coming days, I hope to have more of these for you to read. BUT please don’t accept my opinion as the facts. Do a little research on the issues. Don’t just Google it, find out the facts. Read the newspapers (the actual newspapers), talk to teachers, talk to you congressman.

Make a difference; regardless of how smart you think you are, or aren’t. No one has to be ignorant like so many Lawmakers, Lobbyists, and Big Business desire – unless you choose to be!

As we used to tell the kids before the left for school, “Make Good Choices!”

Have a Nice Day,