Thursday, March 30, 2017

Let’s throw Congress’s Bums Out!!

I had intended for this post to be on another issue; however, that changed this morning as I was listening to the radio while getting ready for work. Normally I listen to soothing music to help me get my day started as I’m usually a little cranky in the morning – Not A Morning Person.

This morning I was feeling a little chipper so I decided to turn on news and catch on events of the world. I listened to a rant on this social issue, another on that fiscal issue, one dealing with a military issue, another on a foreign affairs issue, and even one on sports related issue that congress was considering (because we all know they have nothing better to do).

None of it made sense, and in each case, they interviewed a member of Congress who could identify all the problems, BUT couldn’t even begin the come up with even an ounce of a cure. Now these were congressmen from both parties; some representing large states and some smaller states; some representing affluent states and some representing poorer states; some urban and some rural; AND of all races, creed and colors.

So, what did they all have in common……They all would be out of office if any of the Term-Limit Bills that have been introduced in the last decade had become law.

That’s right, in every case the congressperson in question had been in office over 20 years. For Reference, think about where you were 20 years ago and consider that these people were sitting right where they are now. Think about all that has happened in your lives in 20 years and then think about this, has anything gotten any better for you in those same 20 years due to their efforts?

I didn’t think so.

Nope, they sit in Washington or Austin, keep collecting their paycheck and/or influence, and we sit outside that sphere of governance with less and less to show for our time and efforts. They continue to benefit from a system that allows for a small few to get elected and remain in office as long as they want, or until they completely screw up with some sort of scandal, or retire. After all, the way incumbents have rigged the process over the years, it’s practically impossible to throw an incumbent out of office.

What can we do? …. PAY ATTENTION!!

Don’t be an ignorant fool to the process.

Here’s a test for you on this. Name ten congressmen (Representatives or Senators) who are problem makers in Washington. There are 535 of them so it really shouldn’t be that hard.

If you can, look at their lengths of service. I’m pretty sure that 9 out of 10 will be career politicians that have over 12 years in Washington.

If you can’t, then that would qualify you as ignorant to the process, AND a part of the problem, AND probably more likely to name all the Kardashian sisters rather than your own members of Congress (you should all have three of those by the way).

Being an active American and an informed voter is what has been referred to as Advanced Citizenship. You get out of it what you put into it. Trust me, these lawmakers have much more influence over your lives than the Kardashians.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from JFK that sums this up quite well, “One man can make a difference, and every man should try.”

It’s time to throw the bums out!


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