Friday, February 3, 2017

Term Limits NOW…. Part 2!!!

I’ve waited a few weeks for the new administration to take office before I write this second installment of my term limits articles. Having been raised with two grandfathers whom preached the Golden Rule as a standard to live by, I was interested to see if the two political parties running the United States Congress could work together under that Rule – THEY CAN’T!!

It’s just more of the same old crap we’ve dealt with for more than a quarter century. This party is in power and the other side obstructs, then that party is in charge and the other side obstructs. AND YES, it is both parties that are responsible for this, and they’re not showing any signs of changing!

The main players in this D. C. Crap-Fest are pretty much the same individuals who have had large parts to play in prior editions of this same old song and dance routine for the last forty years. In the meantime, the country slips further and further from its high standing in the world, deeper and deeper in debt, and farther and farther from its ability to function at all.

With every passing administration, it becomes harder and harder to get the work of the nation done in Washington; and yet we get the same excuses over and over; there’s more news media today, social media pollutes everything, the country is more fragmented, the distance between conservatives and liberals is wider than ever, etcetera… etcetera…. etcetera….

Here’s the problem in DC – there are too many career politicians who are more worried about political manipulation and party gamesmanship and not enough who are actually concerned with governing and serving the voters who elected them to office. And before anyone gets their under-laundry in a wad, stop and think about it.


AND, it’s not just the elected officials, but the Bureaucrats that work in their offices. It’s important to remember those staffers who spend their Lives in DC flipping from one congressman to another, or worse, from one congressman, to the media or a K Street Organizations (Look it up), and then back to a congressman. We must look at those folks as well.

It’s the longevity of those in congress, both elected and staffers, who have created this overly bloated, complicated, and wasteful mechanism we know as the legislative branch of federal government.

We tend to blame the presidents for the ills we face; however, except for George H. W. Bush, none of the presidents in the lest forty years have spent significant time as part of the Washington Apparatus.

But when you look at the members of Congress, many of them have been in office since the time of or prior to the election of Jimmy Carter – JIMMY CARTER FOLKS!!!!!

That’s from 1977 to 1981…

Right now, had there been term limits of 12 years for congress, that would have cleared out around 35% of the legislative branch and opened the doors to fresh faces, fresh ideas, and fresh hope. Instead, we have a group of folks entrenched in their offices who do little to nothing to better the country because they are simply more concerned with maintaining their seniority while sitting in their offices keeping the status quo in order to hold onto their jobs.

AND if they’re not, they’re doing a pretty good imitation of it.

We Need Congressional Term Limits – NOW!!

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